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SIDBI AM Grade A Interview Question With Answers Download

SIDBI AM Grade A Interview Question With Answers Download

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has recently released the official notification regarding the SIDBI Assistant Manager Grade A Exam and the candidates who will be qualifying will be called for the SIDBI Assistant Manager Grade A Interview. Here we have provided the SIDBI AM Grade A Interview Questions and Answers.

SIDBI AM Personal Questions Asked?

  1. Give Introduction on yourself or Give me Brief Introduction on Yourself?

Ans. Now introduce yourself in brief like Example– I am Ashish Rathod, about my family background there are 6 members and introduce the each character of your family about your work.

  1. Where did you have earlier worked?

Ans. Let them know where you have worked earlier, tell them about your experience in the company or organization which you have worked.

  1. Till now how many exams you have appeared for?

Ans. Tell them the truth, which you have attended as many exams like RRB PO, IBPS PO, etc.

  1. What is your weakness point?

Ans. For example – You are very straight forward, helping everybody, very sensitive.

  1. How was your day?

Ans. The day you have interview is going now, say them you are very excited and have confidence that you will pass out this round also.

  1. What is Unique in You?

Ans. Tell them reasons like you are very sensitive, good minded, etc

  1. Can you work in another city, are you comfortable with the relocate?

Ans. Say as per your reasons, there are many reasons for each individual candidates, so let them know as per your reasons.

  1. Why we select you?

Ans. This type of question are normally asked in every interviews, so be well prepared, say about your comfortability with the organization you are going to work. And soon you will be going to achieve more and more in this company.

SIDBI Related Very Important Previous/Last Year Interview Questions?

  1. What is SIDBI?

Ans. It is the financially growing institution for promoting, with development of sector such as micro, small, medium enterprise with coordination of engaged functions and some similar activities.

  1. Functions of SIDBI?

Ans. There are many functions of organization, so you can say as many you want or any few words on it.

  1. Establishment of SIDBI?

Ans. April 2, 1990

  1. Difference between SBI and SIDBI?

Ans. Give a brief introduction on the difference and explain the interviewer.

  1. Why do you want to join SIDBI?

Ans. Normal question asked by interviewer, say the reasons behind why you want to join, reasons should be not as simple they want, explain them so that they can get closer to you.

Banking Sector Questions?

  1. Explain NABARD?
  2. What is the difference between Debit Card & Credit Card?
  3. Define Exchange Rate?
  4. Define RBI? Who is the Governor of RBI?
  5. What is CRR rate & SLR rate?

Ans. This many questions may be asked by interviewer so candidates should be prepared well and define each and every question in well mannered way.

Current Affair Questions?

  1. What is GDP? Explain it.
  2. What is “Make in India” Scheme?
  3. What is impact of “Digital India Mission”?
  4. What is MUDRA? Have you heard about it, explain it.
  5. What is the latest budget? What are benefits of budget for common man?

Ans. As you know you are preparing for banking sector job, so you must be prepared about the current affairs. Read daily newspaper it is one of the benefits of daily knowledge around the world.

Academic Questions?

Based on your profile questions will be asked for (Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science, Medicine)

Interview Cracking Tips For SIDBI 2016

Be well prepared for academic profile. If you are fresher don’t lie. The interviewer is smarter than you they can sense each and every points easily. Try to be creative. Let them now know that you are creative. It can be a game changer. Reach the interview session on time.

Strategy for SIDBI 2016 Facing Interviews

Practice mock test. Knowing the knowledge and delivering it in right time is more important. Say every answer right way it will make great impression on interviewer. So it last for your now or never so make this opportunity fullest.

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