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UP Election Opinion/Exit Poll 2017 Who Will Become CM Of Uttar Pradesh If BJP/Congress/SP/BSP Wins

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UP Election Opinion/Exit Poll 2017 Who Will Become CM Of Uttar Pradesh If BJP/Congress/SP/BSP Wins

As we all know that there is Election is going in the State of Utter Pradesh. Every party is advertising for themselves door to door. According to the research, SP-Congress is giving very tough competition to BJP (Bharti Janta Party). BJP gets 34.8% of votes whereas the Congress gets 33.2% and BSP would get 20.1% votes of the total votes polled according to the recent news.

UP Exit Opinion polls who will election

Everyone is predicting that the BJP would win around 180-191 seats in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. The UP poll also forecasts an excellent number of seats for newly formed SP-Congress alliance, giving them more than 168 seats, slightly behind the BJP. The poll also calculates a dismal presentation by Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) which according to it would bag around 39 to 43 seats.

Name of the Party Expected Seat Share Vote (in Percentage)
Cong-SP 168+ 34%
BJP 180+ 35%
BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) 39+ 22%
Others 3+ 9%

Opinion Poll Summary of UP Election 2017:

Everyone is very curious to know that will be going to win the UP Election 2017. BJP is one of the best parties which run the Government very well. But newly formed Congress-SP came in the field and giving strong opposition to all. Here we are giving the analysis of different media about the Election of Uttar Pradesh in the article below.

Name of Media BJP Congress-SP BSP Others
ABP News 118+ 187+ 76+
THE WEEK 192+ 178+ 20+ 5+
VDPAssociation 207+ 128+ 58+
India Today 180+ 168+ 39+ 1+
Times Now 201+ 147+ 47+ 7+

Who will Win the UP 2017 Election?

According to the survey, The SP + Congress alliance would be the single largest political group in this upcoming election in Uttar Pradesh. The survey also questioned people about their choice of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. 26% of janta chose Akhilesh Yadav over Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati. 21% respondents voted for her. The other important conclusion of the survey is that Moe than 73% of Muslims and Yadavs are inclined to vote for Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance while 59% of advance voters would back the BJP. Around 34% non-Yadav OBC’s would vote for the Bharti Janta Party.

According to the results of an opinion poll conducted by other Media Agencies on social media website Twitter in June 2017, the BJP would gain victory if assembly elections were to be accomplished in Uttar Pradesh today. While 35.64% say the winner is going to be BJP(Bhati Janta Party), 27.72% say it will be Mayawati’s BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party). In what may come as positive news for the ‘Grand Old Party’, as many as 28.71% feel the winner is going to be Congress. So, the Samajwadi Party must be concerned as it got only 7.92%.

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